Fissure-in-ano: Introduction

Anal fissures, also medically called as Fissure-in-ano, is nothing but a painful condition where there is a longitudinal cut on the skin of the anus. Due to friction or scratch or trauma, there may be a cut or fissure formation. Males, females including adults as and children may get affected with Fissure-in-ano.

Causes of Fissure-in-ano:

Most common cause of the fissure-in-ano is constipation. Chronic constipation due to any reason (such as due to lifestyle, habitual, drug-induced, due to pregnancy, etc.) leads to recurring abrasion or forceful rubbing of the anal mucosa, which leads to a fissure.

  • Following a bout of diarrhea or following passage of bulky or hard stools (especially in children)
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Chronic use of purgatives
  • Rarely, a fissure may be the manifestation of underlying disease e.g. Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, sexually transmitted disease, or cancer.
  • Wrongly performed an operation for piles

When choosing the homeopathic remedy for a fissure, the causative factors are always evaluated, and homeopathic medicine encompassing this cause is chosen. The remedy chosen in such way not only heals the fissure but also does not allow the problem to recur.

Diagnosis of Fissure

The diagnosis of fissure-in-ano is easy to make clinically and usually, no complicated procedures are required to diagnose this condition. Examination by a proctoscope is better avoided.

  • Spasm of the anus
  • A split or cut in the posterior midline of the anal mucosa.
  • Acute fissures (usually present for 6 weeks or less) are superficial with sharply demarcated edges.
  • Chronic fissures (present for more than 6 weeks) are usually deeper and may have secondary features, including hardening of the edge of the fissure, a sentinel pile which looks like a small skin tag, and hypertrophied anal papillae, etc.

Homeopathic Treatment for Fissure

Fissure-in-ano (anal fissures) finds an excellent treatment with homeopathy. Most cases heal with medicines and surgery can be avoided.

Most patients show significant improvement in about three to four weeks, in case of fissure-in-ano. The full length of treatment is usually for about four months. Some patients may need longer course of medication.