Loss Of Libido (Low Sex Drive)

Every man and woman experiences low sex (loss of libido) drive during some period in life. If low sex drive is continued and lasting, it calls for treatment. Almost 15% of men have this problem all the time; while over 30% females have it, but may not voice about it.

As you know every disease has complex medical name. Similarly, Low sex desire is also called as (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - HSDD).

In men, following are the common causes:
  • Stress
  • Lack of spark in marriage life
  • Alcohol or/and smoking, drugs
  • Drugs: Drugs depression, hypertension, pain killers
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Obesity
  • Low levels of testosterone hormone
  • Hypothyroid (Under active thyroid)
  • Anxiety, depression or other emotional diseases
Treatment for Loss of Libido:

Treatment depends on the cause behind low sex drive.

  • If there is a treatable disease in the background, get treated. E.g. Hypothyroid, diabetes, etc
  • Improve interpersonal relationship with your partner
  • Reduce weight if you are obese
  • Reduce stress
  • Change over to gentle medicines such as homeopathy, for depression, anxiety disorders, if that is the underlying cause
  • Bring romance, love and affection in your love life. Re-kindle the "spark."
  • Take homeopathic medicines, if indicated